I am totally in love with my husband today, Neetu Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor’s love story from reel to real has enthralled the fans but Neetu says she and Rishi found true love for each other after years of togetherness. Now, she looks for Rishi everywhere.

"What is romantic love?" scoffs Neetu Singh, "I don't believe in all this dying-for-love, Laila-Majnu stuff. That is just hormonal attraction, which disappears soon. Real love comes later, a love that forgives everything - as a mother with a child. For Rishi and me, real love has come now after so many years of togetherness. I am totally in love with my husband today - I look for him everywhere."

Once Rishi Kapoor says if he returns home and doesn’t see Neetu around, he gets restless and brings the house down till she emerges. Earlier, he was 'madly in love' with her but today after 37 years of being together, "I feel blessed to have her in my life."

When Neetu and Rishi first met each other, they were too young to discover true love. Neetu was barely 13 and Rishi 19 then. Their affair blossomed during the shooting of ‘KabhiKabhie’. "Bob (Rishi) used to take me out for wine-shine and dinners and I loved all that, and, of course, the idea of being with 'Rishi Kapoor'," confesses Neetu with a reminiscent smile. "On his part, I guess he liked being with a girl who was receptive and took all his nonsense."

In Rishi’s biography, Khullam Khulla’, Neetu calls him a 'grouch', 'loud', 'suspicious', 'stiflingly possessive', and 'difficult to live with', and yet says, "I cannot, would not, live with any other... because I truly believe that I couldn't have asked for a better man, or indeed a better life, than I've had with him... his good qualities far outnumber his annoying habits."

"An actor's wife needs to have a large heart ... I'm sure Bob hasn't been squeaky clean, there must have been a couple of trespasses... Such things happen in most men's lives, and they did happen, but I chose not to give them any importance. They were just fleeting distractions that came and went."

Rishi says, "Neetu takes the major share of this pie. I never had to make sacrifices. She took me as I was and has been my best friend and support. Despite ups and downs, we have always been totally in love and can't do without each other. She looks after me and the family with loving care."

Speaking high about his lady, Rishi said," At my raised eyebrows, he explains, "One can get attracted to another, but I always knew where to draw the line, and that's what matters. I could have given in at a weak moment, but I knew I have a wonderful woman at home and cannot jeopardise that relationship at any cost. I love being with my family, taking them on holidays, and have never worked on a Sunday”.

Neetu and Rishi develop a special bond for each other over the years, "Oh yes, we love our dinners and holidays - just the two of us. Friends find it unbelievable but we love being just by ourselves even today." But it is only in the last 15 years that their relationship has settled and matured, admits Neetu. Rishi has begun to depend more on her. She feels one reason could be that some of his closest friends are no more. "Today even across a glass partition I can figure what he is feeling or saying to someone."