I am still fond of her, Arjun Kapoor on split with Sonakshi

Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha were former lovers. Their love story was very short lived. They fell for each other on the set of ‘Tevar’ and with the completion of the film shooting, their romance also died down. Today Sonaksihi and Arjun maintained a healthy relationship.

When Mumbai Mirror asked Arjun why he broke up with Sonakshi, he said, "Some equations last. Others don't go beyond the making of a film because after it is over, people go their separate ways. I am still really fond of her as an individual. Unfortunately, it is always made to seem like we do not acknowledge each other at parties, which is not the case. We always make it a point to greet each other. There is no pressure on either of us to maintain an equation beyond a certain amount of time."

It was strongly buzzed that fundamental difference in the two actors' personalities drifted them apart. A source was quoted as saying, "Sonakshi is a very emotional girl. She doesn't hide her feelings for those she cares about. Arjun, on the other hand, is more low-key. He obviously couldn't handle her strong emotions."

Another source added, "Sonakshi, like most girls, wanted to be around him all the time. He was feeling a little stifled by the constant togetherness and the calls. It was just happening all too fast for him. You can't blame either for this split."

Last year, during an interaction with India Today, when Sonakshi was asked what she would do if she had been on a deserted island with Arjun Kapoor. "I would not BE on an island with him," the ‘Force 2’ actor replied.

In couple of occasions, Arjun and Sonakshi avoided each other. When the ‘Half Girlfriend’ actor was asked why he never responded to speculation about his relationship with Sonakshi, he candidly said, "Let's leave the names out of it. You should not wash your dirty linen in public. It's not everybody's business, it's between the two people."