I am proud to be Shiney’s wife, Anupam Ahuja

Actor Shiney Ahuja gets a great support in this crisis period from his wife Anupam Ahuja who stands by him and dismisses the news of her husband rapping the maid servant. To Anupam, Shiney is 100 percent innocent and he is a great husband, a great father and above all a good human being. She said that she is proud to be his wife and will fight for him.

Anupam is not ready to believe that Shiney can do such an inhuman crime. She still believes that he is innocent. “Our bond will remain strong forever”, says Anupam. She has full faith in the judicial system of our country and think that Shiney would soon get over the incident.

Anupam was in Delhi with her daughter when Shiney committed the crime. No sooner she heard the news; she flew down to Mumbai to stand by her husband. He even don’t believe that Shiney had confessed of rapping the girl. She did not believe in the story of her maid and blindly supports Shiney.

Shiney’s father is all moved into tears learning the incident and strongly believe that his son would soon be proved innocent. Meanwhile, Shiney will be under police custody till June 18.