I am planning to have a baby in 2020, says newlyweds Rakhi Sawant

Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant is on cloud nine as she has got married to the man of her dream, Ritesh. According to Rakhi, he is an NRI and is working with Donald Trump’s company. Rakhi also said that she is planning to have a baby in 2020.

When asked about having a baby with Ritesh, she told Spotboye, “I plan to have one in 2020".

Rakhi at first denied about her wedding report but when her honeymoon picture went viral, she opened up about her secret wedding. She said that she had a Christian and English wedding at JJ Marriott in Mumbai and it was attended by only close family members. Rakhi’s mother and brother were present and they are very happy for her.

During a latest interview with Times Of India, Rakhi Sawant divulged the details of her husband Ritesh’s job profile. “My husband works with Donald Trump’s company as an employee.” When she was asked if he’s a fan of Bollywood, she said, “He’s a fan of me. We started chatting on WhatApp, he proposed to me on WhatsApp and you can say that ‘It’s a WhatsApp love affair and marriage'. Ritesh has such good parents and sisters. Mera pati mere liye parmeshwar hai,” she added.

During the conversation when she was asked if she’s planning to shift to UK anytime soon, she said, “Not now. He wants me to continue to work in the industry. He said, ‘Why don’t you make films? I said ok’.

When Rakhi was asked why she denied the news earlier, she said, “Main dar gayi thi, haan maine shaadi kar li hai. I am confirming the news with you today. (I was scared but yes, I got married. I am confirming the news with you.).”

Sharing more details about her wedding and husband, Rakhi further said, “His name is Ritesh and he is in the UK. In fact, he has already left. My visa is underway and I will join him. Of course I shall continue to work whatever I get in India, so will shuttle for that. I always wanted to produce TV shows and I think my long-standing dream will now be fulfilled. I thank Jesus for giving me such a wonderful husband.”

“He was my fan ever since he first saw my first interview with Prabhu Chawla. He whatsapped me. Messaging and then talking to him, we became friends with the passage of time. This happened about a year-and-half back,” she added.

She also thanked God for fulfilling her dream, “After knowing him, I prayed very hard to Jesus that I must become his wife. Woh khawish toh poori ho gayi (That dream is now fulfilled). God has been kind to me so far.”

Rakhi continued, "Dil mein ghanti nahin baji, I told him. He promptly asked, 'Mere liye dil mein ghanti bajti hai kya?' I said I need time to think. As more time rolled by, I realised I was falling in love with Ritesh. And, it was happening so very naturally. Trust me, I met him for the first time only 15 days before our wedding. He came down and I was sure that I had met the right guy."