I am planning for a wedding soon: Kajal Aggarwal confirms marriage

Southern sensation Kajal Aggarwal has confirmed her wedding. Kajal may tie the knot with a businessman very soon and it is going to be an arranged marriage.

A Pinkvilla report quoted  Kajal as saying, “Yes, I am planning for a wedding soon.” Talking about her perfect man, she added, “Quite a lot of things, but most importantly he should be possessive, caring and spiritual.”

Last year, Kajal had stated she was not ready for marriage. “Seeing the likes of Deepika and Priyanka getting married, even I wanted to tie the knot but I feel that I am at the peak of my career and feel that marriage can wait as of now”. She also revealed that she will not marry anyone from film industry rather marry someone out of the film industry.

In September this year, Kajal visited the Taj Mahal and wrote a long post,“Witnessing this #symboloflove made me reflect upon this topic, taking this opportunity to share my thoughts : In a culture where we tend to place romantic love on a pedestal, we can easily overlook the dynamic ways to experience love. There’s the depth of close friendships, the sense of belonging in a community, the intensity of an artistic practice, a connection to our work, or any experience that provides companionship, support, self-discovery, and even the feelings of both elation and misery. But this isn’t the common narrative, so for many single people - me included - we can mistakenly think we’re not good enough, or feel incomplete without this one, specific type of love. After many years spent berating my own single status, I could see how carelessly narrow my own view of love had been and how short-sighted it is to view romantic love as a prerequisite to a happy life. For many, being single is not about a lack of options for love, but a choice - a choice to apply a broader definition to love, and see the value in all its forms. (Also, Your happiness depends wholly on you, share that joy and completeness with your partner instead of thrusting the responsibility solely upon them) #enjoyingthesymboloflove #withpeopleilove #myvillage,” she wrote.