Salman Khan finally speaks about his marriage

One of the most eligible bachelors of the tinselville, Salman Khan is always questioned about his marriage the superstar has finally ended the speculation over his marriage and declared that he is not interested in getting married and is happy to remain single.

"I am not interested in getting married or having a girlfriend. I am loving my single status. In 30 years I must have been single...I am loving it. I am absolutely having a have no idea how I am feeling," Salman said in an interview here.

Sallu is enjoying his single status fully as he is not answerable to anyone. "Now that I am single.. I can do whatever I can. There is no need to give explanation, or lie to anyone. Whoever wants to come (in my life) can come.. but don't expect anything," Salman said.

When asked him if he is commitment phobic, the 48-year-old says, "When I commit...then I commit. Right now, I am non-committal about anything."

The superstar added that he has a high respect for women.

"I respect women and I will always continue to do it. I have never spoken ill about anyone," Salman said.

In the past, Salman had relationships with many actresses including Somy Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, lulia Vantur and Katrina Kaif.

In five years, Salman Khan first appeared on Karan Johar’s talk show, ‘Koffee with Karan’ and the hunk candidly spoke about his past relationship and his take on marriage. 

Salman Khan was always talked about for his link-ups and break-ups. Like his professional life, his personal life always remains in the top of the gossip column.

He also confessed on the show that when he was dating Sangeeta Bijlani, the relationship went so far that even wedding cards were printed but things ended up on a bitter note.

Immediately after the statement, he joked, "I am not the correct person to be with, the way I am right now in this phase of my life," he says.

What Karan Johar asked how he faces his exes, he replied, “Some I ignore totally … I try and run away from them. I don't face them…I'm sure by that it would mean you cannot look me in the eye and all. But that's not the point. The point is now you're somewhere else. You have your own life. I don't want that somewhere in somebody else's mind that thought about ex-boyfriend you know."