I am not gay, Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff twisted his verdict and now said that he is not gay. Talking to a tabloid, he insisted that he is not gay and denied speaking anything about sexual preference. He claimed that he is shooting in Mysore and not aware of the report doing round the web.

“I want to personally find that person and beat him up. From where did they get this piece of information? Anybody who knows me wouldn’t think like this in their wildest dreams,” said Jackie in-between his shots.

According to Jackie, he doesn’t remember speaking to anybody about his sexual preferences. “People say whatever comes to their minds. I haven’t spoken like this to anybody. I don’t know from where they got this information. Imust have spoken about my adulation for a few male actors, but I don’t think I ever meant something like that in a sexual way. In fact, I don’t even recollect which conversation these guys are referring to,” Jackie adds.

It was reported that Jackie has a strong feeling for men and he developed this feeling in the later part of 80's and 90's.