I am not a virgin either, Nehha Pendse on Shardul being a divorcee

Nehha Pendse tied the knot with Shardul Singh Bayas on January 5th and several comments are pouring in for Shardul being a divorcee. Nehha’s husband Shardul is a divorcee and had two daughters from his past marriage. He was married twice. Defending Shardul, the newly married said that she is also not a virgin either.

Speaking with Times of India in an interview, Nehha said, “What’s the big deal about this? Today, many of us are getting married late because of various reasons, including the focus on career. A lot of people end up having more than one relationship before finally tying the knot. The commitment, love and physical proximity could be the same as it is in a marriage, the only difference is that there is no legal stamp over it. So, whyare people talking about Shardul being a divorcee? It’s not that I am a virgin either.”         

She further told the daily, “I appreciate the fact that he took chances with women he was in love with, unlike in my case where the men disappeared just when the relationship could have culminated into marriage. At least, Shardul is not commitment-phobic. I salute him for his undying faith in the institution of marriage, it is easy to not believe in it after two failed marriages. That shows that he is a man of substance unlike those who fear the idea of getting married. I also feel that if a marriage is not working out, one should end it rather than drag on.”

The actress changed her surname post marriage and told Hindustan Times recently, “I’m proud to be Shardul’s wife and more than happy that Shardul came into my life. I couldn’t wait to change my name and immediately after the rituals, I added Bayas to my last name. We truly love each other.”

“The beautiful part about the relationship is that we consciously decided to be in a live-in before getting married as we wanted our journey to be very seamless. Because of this, we feel that we are already well settled with each other. So, nothing changes in our life post marriage. We are now just officially married to each other,” she added.

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