I am immensely proud to be an Indian, SRK

Georgetown University in USA has done a survey and come up with a list of 500 of the world's most influential Muslims, among those 500 Shahrukh Khan was one among them. But Shahrukh Khan is not moved by those positions as he believes that he is an Indian first.

Speaking about the prestigious tag, Shahrukh said, “I don't think a list of this nature is of a competitive type to feel proud about. It's not about a list of awards that I have won. I am a Muslim by birth and because of the kind of cinema I do, I assume must be influencing lives of people across the world. I have been actively working in the film industry for 18 years and my work has gone across the world, my films and done well in many places including Germany, Poland, Dubai, USA, Morocco and South East Asia. People know me well because of my films but I never felt that I was different. I'm in the field of mass communication and am doing my work. That's it”.

Shahrukh added that he respect all religions. He is proud to be a Muslim and also immensely proud be an Indian. He is uncomfortable with such tags. He wanted his work to speak about his qualities. He is happy that his films are popular all over the world and he likes continuing doing the kind of work that he is doing.