‘I am feeling so good’, Zoa Morani recovering from Covid-19

Zoa Morani is undergoing treatment at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai and in on the road of recovery. Zoa said that she is feeling much better and hopefully get discharged in a day or two.

In a hearty chat with close friend and actor Varun Dhawan on Saturday evening in Instagram live, she talked about her symptoms, experience and treatment.

During the interaction, Varun asked Zoa when she will return home, to which she said, “Hopefully, tomorrow or the day after, because I am feeling so good. I’m feeling fine.”

Zoa said that she showed sign of improvement from the second day of her treatment at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. “Ever since I came to the hospital, I have definitely felt 40 times better. My breathlessness stopped on the second day, I could feel a little congestion and a little fever, but it’s so much better than I was feeling at home,” she said.

“Coming to the hospital was the best decision. I feel like I got cured immediately and I can go home,” she added.

Zoa was the second family member to have contracted the virus. First was her sister Shaza Morani, who was discharged from hospital after testing negative and third was their father Karim Morani, who is also recovering well.