I am absolutely fit, Aanchal Khurana denies cardiac arrest

In the morning, the news spread like a fire in the jungle that MTV ‘Roadies’ season 8 winner and television actress Aanchal Khurana suffered a cardiac arrest. When the news broke out, Aanchal was flooded with calls and messages from her well-wishers. She, however, totally rubbished the rumour saying that she has not suffered any heart-attack and that a website misquoted her.

Leading daily Times Of India quoted her saying, “I am absolutely fit and fine. I didn’t suffer any heart-attack as reported by the website. I suffered from PSVT (Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia) which can occur at any age and even to people who don’t have any other heart condition. I told the reporter the same thing, but I don’t why she went ahead and wrote that I suffered heart-attack. PSVT is a condition where the pulse rate of the person shoots up to high levels. Luckily, I was with my family in Delhi when it happened to me. In my condition it went up to 190-200. I was under medical supervision for five days and now I am absolutely fine.”

“I am very strict about my diet and what food I eat. In fact, I never miss working-out even when I am shooting non-stop. But as actors we sometimes work round the clock with no proper sleep or food. It was in my destiny. When I read the report and started getting calls from random people, I realised that if I don’t act upon now these rumours can hamper my career. Producers will think twice before casting me as they will think I have a heart problem. People should be responsible before writing such stuff,” Aanchal ended.

Aanchal added that this wrong report might obstruct her career as producers will think twice before casting her.

Aanchal, who was last seen in ‘Meri Saasu Maa’ is leaving for a trek to Vaishnodevi, "I have consulted my doctor and everything is under control. I have done all the tests and ECG scan. Everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about", she concluded.