‘I am a mama’s boy’, quips Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor loves his mother Neetu Kapoor and respects his father Rishi Kapoor. Ranbir had a very friendly relationship with his mother. He calls himself a mama’s boy but he is not so close and friendly to his father. He clearly states, “I am a mama’s boy!”

Speaking about his father Rishi Kapoor, he quips, “My father is one of the most passionate people I have ever seen. Whatever he does, he does with all his heart, whether that is eating, acting, loving his wife or drinking… He’s a man who is really living his life. But, my mother is the closest person to me in my life.”

Ranbir respects his mother’s decision of quiting films after marriage, “I’d rather not talk about her films. As a kid, I would watch Papa’s movies and understand that that is his work. But I would get very upset when I would see my mother on screen with some man, so I didn’t watch many of her films as a child. I am watching them now,” he says, smiling.

When asked did he learnt acting from his parents, he said, “My parents did not sit me down and tell me how to be an actor. I have grown up in a film family and all conversations would eventually lead there. But when I was growing up, Dad was always busy with work. We were scared of him, since he was very short-tempered. I never had a friendly relationship with my father, I was more respectful towards him. Maybe since he had modelled our relationship on what he shared with his father.”

Currently, he is shooting for ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ with Priyanka Chopra.