Hyderabad police booked Hrithik Roshan in a cheating case

Hyderabad police registered a cheating case against Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, brand ambassador of Cult.Fit and three others on a complaint filed by a gym user named Shashikanth. The complainant alleged said the fitness centre enrolled more people than it could accommodate but failed to give the promised slots that they confirmed at the time of registration. He alleged that when he protested against their service, they barred him from using their app to book the slots.

Shahsikanth lodged the complaint with the police last month. He said in his complain that he was not allotted a slot for the workout though he had paid a fee of Rs. 17,490 in December last year.

A report on Deccan Chronicle quoted Shashikhanth as saying, "A total of 1,800 people had enrolled with the Cure.Fit and there was not sufficient carpet area to provide workout sessions. Apart from that, the workout sessions were not available for three days at a stretch, which is denying us good health benefits. Besides the bad behaviour of the people at Kukatpally centre has brought about mental depression."

The gym was offering weight loss packages for Rs. 17,490 to Rs. 36,400 for one year. 

Police officer said they were investigating the case.

The fitness chain Cult.Fit on Wednesday issued an official statement. 

Here's what the statement read:

"Cult.fit is a responsible company conscious of the health and safety requirements of both customers as well as it’s staff. The customer in question, Mr. Shashi, has behaved inappropriately and violently with our staff against whom (Mr. Shashi) we were constrained to take action. The current police complaint appears to have been hence filed subsequently against us falsely, while also mischievously dragging our celebrity brand ambassador, Hrithik Roshan ,wrongly in it. We are cooperating with the authorities as per due process and evaluating remedial action.”