'Hum Tum' postponed due to 'Deewaar'?

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/movie/hum-tum/' title='Hum Tum' class='' data-id='hum-tum' id='article_tag_data_hum-tum' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Hum Tum</strong></a>The grapevine is abuzz with speculation that the Chopras have decided to postpone the release of their new film HUM TUM [Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji] by one week. The film was scheduled to hit the marquee on May 28 - the same week as DEEWAAR - but has now been pushed ahead by one week - June 4...
“It's not true at all,” HUM TUM director Kunal Kohli tells me, “We are ready with the film. In fact, the first copy [censor copy] will be out this weekend or by early next week. We are sticking to the release date - May 28.”

Kohli continues in the same breath, “I won't deny that DEEWAAR is a big opposition, but both DEEWAAR and HUM TUM belong to different genres. While DEEWAAR is a serious film [from the looks of it] with the Indo-Pak issue et al, HUM TUM is more of a frothy entertainer, targeted at the youth.”

Kohli also denies that HUM TUM is a straight lift of a Hollywood hit. “It's not a straight lift, but it is inspired by a film. HUM TUM is more about two characters and their lives spread over a period of nine years. It's not the usual love triangle, it's not the usual formulaic film,” he divulges.

Kohli seems to have learnt a few lessons after his first film MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE didn't fare as expected at the turnstiles. “When you make your first film, you don't really want to take risks. I didn't want to take chances and that went against the film,” he admits.

So is HUM TUM different from his previous film? “Yes, it is. Actually, HUM TUM is more my kind of film. Just when you think that the film is looking like a routine love story, there's a twist in the tale and everything changes. Like I said, it doesn't follow the monotonous path,” he adds.

Kohli has already started work on his new film and there's talk that he plans to approach Hrithik for it. “Well, we continue to be friends even after MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE,” he smiles, “But I haven't approached him or any other actor yet. In fact, I haven't even started writing the first scene of the film. It's premature to talk about it at the moment.”