Hrithik’s mother Pinky donates Rs 10 lakh for Eman’s surgery

Hrithik Rohan’s mother Pinky Roshan has donated a sum of Rs 10 lakh for world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed’s bariatric surgery. Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, the world’s heaviest woman flew to India from Egypt for her bariatric surgery. She was admitted to Saifee Hospital in Mumbai and receiving help from every corners. The surgery requires 1 crore and so far she has collected Rs 35 lakhs so far.

Pinky Roshan has donated Rs 10 lakh for the operation and now she is waiting for the hospital’s permission to meet Eman soon and cheer her on her journey.

Pinky’s husband and producer Rakesh Roshan confirmed the news. Mid-Day quoted him saying, “My wife has donated Rs 10 lakh for Eman.”

“I was really touched when I first read about her in the newspaper. Since then, I have been following all the news about her and praying for her. So, I thought of donating the money if it could help her in anyway. I cannot imagine that a person has been bedridden for 25 years. Because of her, the whole country has come together,” said Pinky.

Pinky Roshan said,“I am planning to go and meet her with my daughter to encourage her. No work is bigger than saving anyone’s life. I don’t want to help her only monetarily, but physically too. I want to help her by doing stuff for her. I will visit her as soon as I get permission from the hospital”.

When asked if her son Hrithik would also be visiting Eman, she said, “He is not in India right now, so I cannot comment on it.” 

Not only celebrities but common people are also contributing to Eman’s treatment.

Husain Rupawala, a small-time businessman who donated Rs 100 on Tuesday said, “Every drop of water forms an ocean, so I donated Rs 100.” Rohit Gupta, chairman of Sony entertainment, who has donated Rs 50,000, said, “I have donated on humanitarian grounds. The girl, who has been bed-ridden for more than two decades, has got a ray of hope now. So, I thought it is the best way to support her.”

 Rs 17 lakh are collected from the online campaign.

“We are trying to raise funds and people across the world are approaching us to help Eman but we aren’t accepting foreign currency because of the legalities and complications. We are accepting the smallest of donations from people who are giving the money with love and care for Eman,” said Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, the bariatric surgeon who is treating Eman.