Hrithik would be nowhere without his famous parents, Kangana

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s tussle is never ending. The ‘Queen’ actress again took a dig at the superhero saying, “Hrithik would be nowhere without his famous parents”.

Kangana, who was recently on Neha Dhupia's Saavn show, #NoFilterNeha was asked who she'd give the 'Thank God They Have Famous Parents Or They'd Be Nowhere' award to, Kangana after taking a few seconds pause replied, "Hrithik Roshan. You know it's true."

Kangana and Hrithik’s infamous fight all started when the former referred the actor as her silly-ex. Hrithik got fiery with her tag and slapped defamation case against the actress. In turn, Kangana also filed case against the actor.

This is not the first time Kanagna dragged Hrithik’s parents into her war with the actor. It was not too late when Kangana targeted Rakesh Roshan, who sometimes speaks on behalf of his son.

Slamming the filmmaker, Ranaut asked indirectly "why Indian men cannot stand up for themselves and a father is defending his son".

Kangana’s comment on Rakesh Roshan came after the filmmaker remarked that someone is spreading lies against them, the ‘Queen’ actress replied immediately, "No but I want to know why can't Indian men stand up for themselves. He is a 43-year-old son. Why his father has to come for his rescue always?"

"For how long they will keep hiding behind their influential big names of father. He is an adult and he can pretty much handle his own controversies in show business. It is just a simple controversy. Why daddies have to always save their sons, I don't understand this," the actress added further.