Hrithik V/S Big B as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

Amitabh BachchanIn a week to follow, the Bollywood box- office is well slated for another outstanding release, the remade version of Mukul Anand’s action packed bonanza- ‘Agneepath’. While Hrithik will be stepping into the shoes of Big B as Vijay Dinath Chauhan; the villainous cast of Danny Denzongpa will be essayed by Sanjay Dutt. Giving way to obvious prospects of possible parallelisms and those of differences, it will be interesting to note the elements of closeness.

To go by the creative unit as well as the actor, despite having a base of commonality, Hrithik as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is supposed to be a far cry from Big B’s portrayal of the same entity. According to the lead actor, the similarity begins and ends with the name ‘Vijay’.

While Big B’s character had striking similarity to one of Mumbai’s notorious   underworld campaigners, the one being essayed by has the touch of mundane mediocrity. Rather than being out of the ordinary, Vijay of the present date is strikingly normal.  As one of the ordinary folks accustomed to life’s hardships, he has been invested with a pretty plain look. To go by Mandira Shukla- the flick’s costume designer, she wasn’t even allowed to watch the original version of Big B’s Agneepath.
Hrithik Roshan







Bearing in mind the element of simplicity, ‘earthy fabric’ and gloss free texture were dwelt upon. The only accessory of Vijay gears to the use of black thread and that of ‘kolhapuri mojdis’. On the other hand, Big B in his looks and style had to bring about the aura of a don. As the majestically volatile Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, Big B was mostly found donning self colored white suits. But Vijay Dinanath Chauhan of 2012 seems slated for a different journey. Even the prolific performer Hrithik Roshan vouches for the same.   Despite similarities in premise and the fiercely overwhelming motive of vengeance, one can expect difference in their respective approaches. Vijay of the previous order had a different journey to undergo from that of its present prototype.  Vouching for this divergence of ways as well as means, Hrithik seemed to have gone about it on lines of his instinct and interpretation.

The hero much acclaimed as one of the leading style icons not only stands by the look wise difference; but also vouches for points of difference in delineation. Bearing in mind their essential differences in nuances of acting and that of characterization; parallelism can almost be ruled out. While the essence remains the same, cine goers are all set to rock with ‘another’ Vjay.