Hrithik turns alcoholic due to family chaos

Hrithik Roshan’s professional life may be going great guns but his personal life is filled up with all sorts of disturbances. His differences with wife Suzanne is soon followed by trouble with papa Rakesh Roshan and his decision to move out of his father’s abode. The main cause of all those problems is said to be Hrithik’s Kites co-star Barbara Mori with whom the actor established a relationship more than just friends. To get over the personal problem and to get some peace, Hrithik Roshan bent towards alcohol.

The actor who drinks occasionally now turned a regular drinker. The present chaos in the family has shook Hrithik to such an extent that he turned alcoholic. Though the Barbara episode has gone over with the end of the shooting, still the hunk is not able to get over the trauma he has gone through.
“Hrithik even came to Karan Johar’s recent birthday bash after having a few pegs. People were talking about this at the party. Hrithik looked like he was in high spirits and later even danced on one of the tables. But, this is a recent development. He always came across as a teetotaler. Maybe now he wants to break free. It could simply be an outburst and it could happen to anybody”, says a source.

Hrithik has a good boy image and his fans would surely be disheartened with his deteriorating condition.