Hrithik to leave his father

The Barbara Mori episode has damaged father-son and husband-wife relationship. Hrithik has however won over Suzanne’s heart with his love and trust but could not mend his relationship with his father and their relationship has finally gone kaput. Rakesh Roshan was indirectly blamed for the tension that Hrithik-Suzanne has gone though in their happily married life. Miffed with pa, Hrithik has decided to keep distance from his father. 

Confirming the news, a source said, "Now they`ve finally settled for a huge plot situated on 11th road, Juhu. It is in the same lane as Dharmendra`s bungalow. On the plot in discussion stands an old three- storied building called Husman. The Roshans will demolish the structure and will erect a bungalow in its place. The Husman building is nearly 15,000 sq ft. The deal has cost Roshan Jr nearly Rs 45 crore".

It is said that Hrithik with wife and children who stays at Rakesh Roshan’s abode will leave the house soon and move to a new one. Hrithik does not like his father’s interference on every matter. When he wished to build up muscle for a new ad, Papa Roshan barred Hrithik from doing so as his next film requires thin Hrithik. And when he wished to walk the red carpet at Cannes with his co-star Barbara, Rakesh insisted him to take Suzanne.

Hrithik wanted to lead life according to his own rule and frustrated over his pa’s constant interference.