Hrithik to choose his films, directors, co-stars and gets Rs.35 crore package

Hrithik Roshan is definitely considered one of the top stars in today’s time and a lot of production houses are vying to work with the talented actor. Some time back sources claimed that Hrithik was working on a Rs.35 crore deal with Adlabs Productions. But earlier there were some glitches and the deal was not confirmed. After much negotiations, Hrithik Roshan and Adlabs have finally embarked on the deal. Adlabs head Manmohan Shetty confirms the deal and says “Yes, Hrithik has signed the deal. It is for doing three films with us through three years.” While this deal is definitely going to be great for Hrithik it is bound to make other actors green with envy.
Hrithik Roshan has been slowly rising up the ladder ever since he played a retarded boy in his father’s home production Koi Mil Gaya; recently he crossed the spectrum and played a superhero in the sequel Krrish. He was hugely appreciated for both these roles, Dhoom 2 a Yash Raj film was also proof of his diverse talent as an actor. Ever since these films, Hrithik has become very choosy and a perfectionist as he no doubt wants to stay on top. Well the lucrative deal with Adlabs more or less ensures that Hrithik remains at the top. Since Hrithik’s superhero image is looked upon with a lot of appreciation, Adlabs too is now going to have the star in larger than life films. Sources claim that as per the deal with Adlabs, Hrithik will get to choose the script for his film; he will also be able to choose the director and co-stars for all three of his films. Whew! That seems to be some deal that Hrithik has bagged with Adlabs.

According to sources Hrithik has already decided the script of his first film with Adlabs and he will soon decide on two other scripts too. However Hrithik being a perfectionist also wanted some changes made in the first script which will no doubt be incorporated. Sources claim that John Mathew Mathan is Hrithik’s choice as director for the first film. Well all those actresses who want to work with Hrithik, better get ready as the actor will soon be deciding his co-stars of the film. Hrithik has supposedly also received a part payment from Adlabs. So Hrithik gets a huge pay package as well as the ability to decide which directors and co-stars he wants to work with, that’s reason enough for B-towns other biggies to go green with envy and scuttle to get their own deals re-worked. Meanwhile other big projects for Hrithik are in the piping, like the next Rakesh Roshan sequel which will no doubt attempt be bigger and better than the previous. Hrithik will also soon be seen in Ashutosh Gowariker’s epic Jodha Akbar along with actress Aishwarya Rai.