Hrithik, Suzanne’s love on net

Hrithik Roshan takes his love for wife Suzanne Khan’s to a new level. They expressed their love for one another on Twitter. The couple showered immense love on the social networking site. Hrithik Roshan has welcomed Suzanne on twitter.

The actor welcomed Suzanne to twitter in the following words, “Friends, please welcome my wife, my friend, my lover, the coolest, the purest, the exotic SUSSANNE to twitterland !! Give LOVE tweeple!!!(sic)"

While Suzanne complimented Hrithik in the following words, "so inspired whn I c my Hrithik working.. has the eye of the stoppin till he gets it perfect n only becoz he loves u all 2 much!!(sic)."

Hrithik responded back, "stop it sussanne, stop complimenting me in twublic!! (but thanks, felt good) (sic)."

Hrithik and Suzanne experienced some tough time recently but they are very much together and in love now.