Hrithik, Suzanne tattooed on forearm

The latest couple to fall in love with tattoo is the stylish Hrithik Roshan and his beautiful wife Suzanne Khan. The duo inked a tattoo on their forearm. Instead of inking each other’s name, they opted for a six-point star. The six-point star is also known as Solomon’s Seal, it is a symbolic interaction of the divine with the mortal. Interestingly, Papa Rakesh Roshan also got the same tattoo planted on his arm. During the shooting of ‘Kites’ in New York, Hrithik and Suzanne has developed a love for tattoo.

Sameer Patange, who tattooed Hrithik and Susanne, said, “They have got a six-point star tattoo with a red circle in the centre. The reason why they wanted the particular design was too personal for me to even ask them.” Hrithik’s ‘Kites’ co-star Barbara Mori has also got a tattoo done on her forearm. Patange said, “Barbara along with her brother got a word tattooed in Hindi, which stands for brotherhood and is symbolic of sibling love.”

Apart from Hrithik and Suzanne, another couple that got a tattoo done is Sanjay Dutt and his wife Manyata.