Hrithik, SRK chill out

The friendship between Hrithik Roshan and Shahukh Khan is growing stronger with every passing day. Inspite of the hectic schedule, the duo finds out time to chill out together. While dosti of some actors are going kaput, Hrithik and Shahrukh are bonding strongly.

According to an insider, Hrithik and Suzanne has been a constant member of Shahrukh’s party and he too has been spotted at Hrithik’s place several times with Gauri. Slowly and steadily, the bonding between the two is growing bolder.  

A source narrates an incident of few nights ago, "It was no occasion as such, just a casual affair. SRK was there for quite a while. Later in the night, the host and the guests decided to play dumb charades of Hollywood flicks."

Adds the source, "The guests were divided into two teams of Hrithik and Shahrukh. Both sides did their bit of miming and SRK's team was declared to be the winner."

Though there were little enmity between SRK and Hrithik regarding the ‘Krazzy 4’ song, both dumped the hatchet and mingling quite well now.

The source maintains, "B-Town is slowly getting a whiff of the SRK-Hrithik bonding. Both stars refrain from talking about each other. Hrithik is known for being extremely guarded while SRK has not yet given his reply to Aamir's recent outbursts against him."