Hrithik's High Fly!

<a href='//' title='Hrithik Roshan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='hrithik-roshan' id='article_tag_data_hrithik-roshan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Hrithik Roshan</strong></a>Hrithik Roshan is a perfectionist and that is general knowledge. At this point he has stalled everything to perfect the extremely tough antics for his upcoming Koi… Mil Gaya sequel. He is currently in Hong Kong, learning the art of leaping 30 feet tied to invisible wires- a martial arts technique called wire training. He is training under master Tony Ching who has trained
actors on successful martial arts flicks like Zhang Yimou's House Of Flying Daggers and Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer. Keanu Reeves had practiced a similar act for six months for Matrix trilogy. Roshan has to follow a strict regimen along with six hours of non-stop practicing “I will definitely return Chinese,” humors Hrithik “ it's a non-stop routine where they allow me only a few minutes break for lunch. And I am left for the day only out of sympathy,” he adds. This training costs $10,000 per day!

Hrithik will return on February 10 and will begin the production of the sequel in March. “No Indian film has gone this far in terms of challenges and exploring new territories,” says a confident Hrithik on the sequel.