Hrithik Roshan to sing for Kites

Kites is an Honest film. Hence when dealing with most situations in Kites, Rakesh Roshan, Anurag Basu and Hrithik kept this constantly in mind.  
Anurag asked Hrithik Roshan to lend his own vocals to a song in English for a particular song situation. Hrithik refused initially however, when Anurag told him that the song situation would look more genuine if he did his own playback Hrithik agreed. Though, that was just the Beginning. Hrithik was nervous and had to do lot of preparations. “When we came up with this song Anurag suggested that Hrithik and Barbara should sing it. I wasn’t sure whether Hrithik would agree even though he is a good singer. When Hrithik heard the song he immediately agreed and started rehearsing, but Barbara was not available so we found a singer Suzanne to sing the song. Barbara heard the song later and loved it. Suzanne came back to the recording studio when Barbara was around and in Barbara’s presence, Suzanne did the Spanish portions again so that she got the pronunciations perfect.” producer Rakesh Roshan added.   
Hrithik Roshan started recording his song at midnight and finished by 4 am. “When Duggu does something new he always put his best foot forward. All of us at home are very proud of him, because he has done such a commendable job.” As recalled by proud dad Rakesh Roshan.  

Hrithik too personalized the story and said, “I was forced to sing. My uncle Rajesh Roshan (the music director of Kites) came up with this tune and Anurag had this ridiculous notion that I could sing. Anurag’s logic was — here’s a guy who can act and dance well. And, since he knew that I have some knowledge of music, he just felt that I could sing my own song as well.” Anurag says, “Having Hrithik sing is the bonus feature.”   
Hrithik Roshan then actually learned from the basics “I started early in the morning with my sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa. Right from the time I woke up, even when brushing my teeth, while taking a shower I would keep singing sa re ga ma and would raise my hands to reach the highest scale and lowest note. My niece had learned the piano and she had a little Casio player, which I then borrowed. I finally got myself a professional trainer Suzanne who did the female portions in the song. When the actual recording was to be done, I got them to switch off all the lights in the studio because I wasn’t being able to get my best out. Only when the whole studio was blacked out did every note fall perfectly into place. Actually we first made the scratch and I thought I would record a final track again. But everyone just loved the scratch and they did not allow me to improvise on it.” Hrithik added.