Hrithik Roshan to play triple role in ‘Krrish 3’

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan’s next big project is ‘Krrish 3’ directed by his father Rakesh Roshan. In the movie, the hunk will be seen playing three roles. Director Rakesh Roshan confirms the news,"He is playing Rohit the father and he also plays Krishna and Krrish." When he is a normal human being, he is Krishna and when he becomes a superman, he is Krrish.

Rakesh Roshan has joined hands with Cartoon Network to make four popular films on the superhero.

Rakesh says, “Cartoon Network, my production house Film Kraft Productions and Toonz Animation will come together to create these four movies.” The films will not be a remakes of the original, but will be a by-product that revolve around the life of an 11-year-old Krrish. “They will show Krrish 3discovering his powers and he will be seen with his mom, dad and granny, and even Jaadu. We wanted to keep all the characters from the films in this series,” explains Rakesh.

The filmmaker is excited about the cartoon series, which will be titled Kid Krrish. “It will revive people’s memories of the films and also introduce Krrish to the kids who haven’t seen him yet. The first film will air on July 14,” says the director.

‘Krrish 3’ is touted as one of the biggest releases of 2013. The film is slated for Diwali release.

‘Krrish’ was Bollywood and children’s first superhero in India and Rakesh Roshan is planning to make it big in every way. “I approached the channel way before we began work on Krrish 3. They were excited about the idea. And I too wanted to extend my franchise and Krrish as a brand.

It is very popular among the Indian diaspora and even kids in India. We are also looking at comic books, online gaming and augmented digital platforms where people can explore what it feels like to be like Krrish or Karl, the villain in Krrish 3”, he said.