Hrithik Roshan to be directed by Ramgopal for Rambo like role

Hrithik Roshan has always done films that have a lot of song, dance, drama and are complete masala potboilers. However all that may now change as he is set to work with director Ramgopal Varma who is known to do films which are the complete opposite. As part of his 35 crore three films deals with Adlabs , Hrithik will do a film that is to be directed by Varma. Hrithik will also apparently play a role akin to Hollywood counterpart Rambo. The film has tentatively been titled Aryan.
Ramgopal Varma has been approached by Adlabs to pen a script and direct this film. A rough script has been formed and the film will be an action one in keeping with Varma’s style. Hrithik will have a role which will be on the lines of Rambo and the budget for the film is set at around Rs. 40 crore. The film will be extremely stylish considering it has quite a big budget and it will be set in Afghanistan. Hrithik’s secretary claimed “Nothing has been finalized yet.” However sources claim that Hrithik will indeed be doing a film to be directed by Varma. As part of his Adlabs deal, Hrithik will also do another film which will be directed by John Mathew Mathan. Hrithik will be given the choice as to which film he would like to do first. So will Ramu incorporate a song and dance sequence just for Hrithik as the latter is known to showcase his dance skills in every film?

Meanwhile Hrithik is currently busy finishing the final schedule of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodha Akbar. The shooting for this film has been long and involves a lot of hard work as it is a grand epic. Hrithik recently hurt his knee while shooting a sword fighting sequence. The actor was in a lot of pain and even consulted a physiotherapist but despite the pain continued with the shooting. Hrithik’s secretary Ashok Vasodhia claimed “Jodhaa Akbar has many intense battle scenes and Hrithik has been injured on more than one occasion. However he is keen on completing the shoot of the film on time. Such things keep happening and even after his recent injuries, he has reported on the set and is presently shooting along with Aishwarya”. This only goes to show how dedicated an actor Hrithik is when it comes to work.