Hrithik Roshan setting up gym at new home

Back in January it was reported that post-separation from his wife Sussanne, Hrithik Roshan will be moving out from his parents house and shifting to a sea facing third floor apartment in Prime Beach, Juhu. Another Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar lives in the same building.

However, Bollywood’s ‘Greek God’ is yet to enter his new home. Currently, work is going on in the apartment to make it suitable for the superstar. One of the most notable developments at the home will be a new exercise area. Sources have revealed that out of the four bedrooms, a wall between two rooms will be taken down and the gym will be setup there.

While the news is interesting, it is hardly surprising since Hrithik Roshan is a well known fitness fanatic. He possesses an enviable physique that has been praised by his fans and industry colleagues alike. The actor has also recently encouraged his fans to go for fitness by re-tweeting photos on his Twitter account that depict the results some his fans have achieved through workout.  In his family home too, Hrithik had set up a fully equipped gym. He is known to spend time with his parents at the gym and even showers his mother with gifts when she losses weight.

Apart from the gym, one of the bedrooms is also being prepared for his two sons who will be dropping by from time to time. When news first came out about Hrithik moving out of the Roshan family home, many were surprised. Many thought that after separation Hrithik will be spending more time with family.

A source close to the family had revealed, “Throughout his life, Hrithik has lived with his parents. This is the first time he will be staying on his own.” For some time speculation was rife about why Hrithik took this decision. There are also some rumors about a falling out between Hrithik and his father director-producer Rakesh Roshan over ‘Krrish 3’. A source had claimed that the two are having problems for some time now. He said, “It’s been happening for a long time now…The last major problem between them was over the ‘inflated’ figures of Krrish 3. Hrithik is a straight-forward guy and he was never in favor of that. He always believed it would backfire and he was proved right.” Till now neither Hrithik nor his family has revealed much detail about his new abode.