Hrithik Roshan seperated from his parents

The personal life of Hrithik Roshan is not going too well in the recent time. It was only a few days ago that he broke up with his sweet heart and wife Sussanne. This news stunned the nation and no one could guess why this lovely couple parted the ways. Hrithik and Sussanne also decided not to disclose the reason of separation in front of the media; this made the incident seem all the more bizarre.

Now according to the latest news, Hrithik has decided to move away from his father’s home. He has selected a posh sea facing flat in Juhu and the renovation work in the flat is going on which should conclude in a month. His new neighbors will be Akshay Kumar and Seemanto Roy. Seemanto is the son of Subrata Roy who owns the Sahara group.

However, this news came as a shock since the Roshan’s are a very close family and it was thought that Hrithik will fall back on his family to get over the agony of his separation from Sussanne. According to a close source, “Throughout his life, Hrithik has lived with his parents. This is the first time he will be staying on his own.”

The tinsel town is excitedly speculating the reason for Hrithik’s sudden decision of leaving his parental home. One reason might be that Sussanne will be moving with the two kids in the old home that is why Hrithik is vacating the apartment. An insider tells that, “But that makes no sense,” and adds “She is already living in her own place. Plus, the current house is interconnected with Hrithik’s parents’ house. After the separation, why would she want to continue living with the family?”

Such incidents are not uncommon in Bollywood though. When Boney Kapoor separated from his first wife to marry Sridevi, his first wife Mona Devi stayed back with his parents while he left the house.

The differences that have recently cropped up between Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan may as well be the reason of Hrithik’s decision to move out. According to a source “The last major problem between them was over the ‘inflated’ figures of Krrish 3. Hrithik is a straight-forward guy and he was never in favor of that. He always believed it would backfire and he was proved right.”

We wish Hrithik all the best and hope that he gets over all his problems this new year.