Hrithik Roshan makes a joke on Aamir and Salman's height

Hrithik Roshan has definitely proved himself as one of the more talented actors on the block after his film 'Koi Mil Gaya' where he played the role of a retarded boy.Hrithik was also appreciated as a superhero in Krrish and then in Dhoom 2.He will soon be seen with Aishwarya Rai once again in Akbar-Jodha.Recently Hrithik Roshan was invited as a guest on the second season of Koffee with Karan and he jokingly made a jibe about two senior actors height. Hrithik jokingly commented on the height of actors Aamir khan and Salman khan, but however his comment was not taken too well by some members in bollywood.
Karan Johar, the host of the show was at his famous rapidfire round and asked Hrithik whether he would like to work with Aamir or Salman. Hrithik decided to be a little mischievous and wanted to have some fun, so he jokingly remarked that since both Aamir and salman were of the same height, there was not much of a choice. However it seems that certain people in the film industry have taken the remark made by Hrithik too seriously and also feel that he deliberately tried to run down the two senior actors.However Hrithik claims there was no malicious intent behind his remark, he claims "If people really took offense to my spontaneous remark,then I must say we really lack a sense of humour.My comment on Aamir-Salman should be taken in the right spirit and I didn't mean any disrespect to them." In fact Hrithik even further elaborated on his comment while on the show and claimed that both Aamir and Salman had alot of talent and that it would take him quite a few years to achieve what they already had. But right now the only point he had above them was his height.

Karan Johar too claimed that he wanted both his celebrities and the audiences to have fun while on his show and while watching it too.Karan too remarked that the comment made by Hrithik on Aamir and Salman was just a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.Well we wonder if Aamir and Salman have taken any offense to Hrithik's comments.Although it definitely seems to be a joke on Hrithik's part, a section of bollywood feels that Hrithik definitely needs to be more careful about what he says or else he could rub some important people the wrong way.