Hrithik Roshan lodges police complaint for fake email account

A fake email address was opened in Hrithik Roshan’s name by an unidentified person and misleading the aspiring girls and people from the industry. When the actor came to know about it, he immediately reacted and lodges complaint with the police. Worrying that the fake account might harm anybody, the actor requested the police to quickly intervene and shut the account and trace the perpetrator.

Hrithik wrote in his letter that the email ID he has been using for the past several years is [email protected] but the fake email account was opened in the name [email protected], and has been interacting with his fans.

Hrithik's lawyer Dipesh Mehta said, "We have complained to the police commissioner. We have full confidence in the police and I am sure the accused will soon be arrested."

In his letter to the police, the actor said, "Many people, including my fans and certain people from the film industry have told me that they are communicating with me on [email protected] I told them that it is not my email address, but they are not ready to believe the same."

"I enjoy unprecedented fan following and my fans love and adulate me beyond words. A lot of people have a lot of expectations from a 'Super star' and they tend to act in an abnormal manner. Sometimes, our fans tend to write poems and love letters, sometimes they give threats to kill us and also send marriage proposals!" the letter stated.

Aspiring young girl has sent photos and clips on Hrithik's fake account.

"I am given to understand that a young girl has sent a lot of photographs and film clips on the email address, thinking that she is sending it to me. Hence as a law-abiding citizen, I firmly believe that the same has to be brought to your kind notice, as the said material, if used wrongly, can ruin my reputation and the girl completely," he added.

The actor sought the police to initiate "corrective steps against the person, who is cheating and conning people by impersonating me."

When asked, Maria told PTI, "We are probing the complaint to identify the perpetrator." Police are likely to register an FIR in this regard in a day or two.