Hrithik Roshan to get hair extensions for 'Bang Bang'

Hrithik Roshan might have played the superhero in his Krrish, but the actor got seriously injured while doing some stunts for his upcoming movie Bang Bang – the Bollywood remake of the Hollywood super hit film Knight and Day. According to Rakesh Roshan, the father of the actor, Hrithik got hurt in the head while doing a stunt in Phuket in Thailand. The actor had to undergo brain surgery after a blood clot formed in his brain. The surgery was successful, though the actor has been advised complete rest till November. As a result, the production process of the film has also been put on hold till the actor recovers and finishes the remaining shoot of the film.

The 39 year old actor was discharged from the Hinduja Hospital and was taken home by his father Rakesh Roshan. Hrithik posed for the camera on the steps of the hospital and said “I am fantastic”. A source close to the actor revealed "He is fine now but he will be taking rest at least for a month now. Doctors have asked him to take rest and complete the medication."

But what has captured the attention of the media is the hooded look of the actor. On being discharged from the hospital, the actor emerged wearing a hood. Since Hrithik has undergone brain surgery, it is expected that he had to be shaved. However, according to reports, only patches of hair have been removed as necessary for the surgery. Dressings had to be put on those patches. Otherwise, the wavy locks have now disappeared and the actor is sporting quite short hair.

"Though the hair was not removed, they were trimmed to the extent that Duggu’s flowy wavy locks are not visible anymore. His hair is quite short now," says a source, adding, "Hrithik has currently taken a break from work, and owing to the current hair length, he may possibly be getting hair extensions for Bang Bang."

While you may be in raptures to see the hero in his sculpted Lakshya looks again, the production team of Bang Bang is not at all happy. Most of the film has been shot with a hair length. It is now not possible to shoot the remaining portion of the film with the hero sporting a completely different hair style. So, there are definite possibilities that Hrithik may be getting hair extensions.