Hrithik Roshan leaked Suzanne, Arjun's vacation story?

The dream couple of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne split after seventeen years of marriage. There were number of rumours floating around regarding the cause of this breakup. Most of them speculated about Hrithik’s infidelities which drove Suzanne to divorce. However, recently a number of rumours have surfaced which link Suzanne’s name romantically with that of another Bollywood hunk – Arjun Rampal. Though Suzanne is good friend with Arjun’s wife Mehr, reports still suggested that she is having an affair with Arjun. According to an insider, it is Hrithik who leaked Suzanne and Arjun's vacation story. 

These rumours gained strength after the duo was seen partying happily at a hip night club in company of friends. Suzanne was happy after getting the custody of her sons. She decided to celebrate the occasion by visiting a nightclub with Arjun. She looked her usual sophisticated self, dressed in a simple yet chic black top. In addition, there was another much talked about party where Mehr left in tears and later Suzanne was seen to be leaving in company of Arjun.

In yet another twist to the tale, rumours have now surfaced saying that it was none other than Hrithik Roshan himself who leaked the reports of the romantic vacation of Suzanne and Arjun to the media. A leading English daily had speculated about the reports of the alleged relationship between Suzanne and Arjun. Though Suzanne had long been denying any such involvement, it did not cut much ice with the media.

A ‘disgusted’ Hrithik Roshan now took to Twitter to defend his ex wife and saying that there are no foundation to the rumours regarding Suzanne and Arjun. Hrithik posted, "If u people knew how much false news is printed, d papers wud actually stop selling. I am disgusted 2day." He also said that good people like Suzanne and Mehr should not worry about such rumours, "But powerful good people know how 2walk their truth no matter what…”. It has repeatedly been remarked that though they are divorced, Hrithik and Suzanne bear no ill will towards each other. This incident once more showed how ready the ‘Krrish’ star is to leap to his ex wife’s defense.

Meanwhile, Arjun also expressed his displeasure with the media. Since the reports dragged Mehr’s name into the controversy, Arjun posted "Who paid you? Who are these faceless accusers? If you have the guts reveal them first. Stay away from me and my family.”