Hrithik Roshan grows beard

Handsome and masculine Hrithik Roshan has put on weight and grown up beard to look sick in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Guzaarish’. Bhansali has asked Hrithik to stop gyming as he needs him to look sick, paraplegic patient in the film. Hrithik will be seen in a wheel-chair mostly with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan nursing him. 

A source said, “Nowadays, Hrithik does not indulge in his regular workouts which involve a lot of weight-lifting. If he goes to the gym, he goes for barely few minutes and does just the basic things. There are days when he may not go the gym too. Bhansali is very kicked about ‘Guzaarish’. Like always, he is particular about every minute detail this time too.”

Hrithik’s official spokesperson said, “Hrithik has a very lean look these days. Since he plays a paraplegic patient in ‘Guzaarish’, he can’t look so fit and trim in the film.”

A friend of Hrithik also added, “Unlike most actors who feel restless when they stop going to the gym, Hrithik is very cool about it. At this point of time, his mind is working only on ‘Guzaarish.’ He has taken to Bhansali’s film like a duck takes to water. He knows that he can get back his present look in a few days time, if and whenever he wants.”