Hrithik Roshan enthralls his six year old visiting fan from Delhi

Hrithik Roshan has many fans who would do anything to have a glimpse of their superhero Krrish. But recently he had a six year old fan who flew all the way from Delhi just to have his picture taken with his superhero Krrish. Six year old Ahaan Jain will be having a Krrish mania theme party for his birthday. However the lad wanted one special gift for his birthday, he wanted to meet his superhero Krrish in person. Fortunately little Ahaan’s granddad has quite a few friends in the film industry and managed to give his grandson his special birthday present, a visit with Hrithik Roshan.
Ahaan has watched Krrish innumerable times and flew down with his mom to specially meet up with Hrithik at his house. Ahaan was first shy, but Hrithik soon made him comfortable and spoke to him lovingly. Ahaan’s mom says “Hrithik explained to him that it’s important to eat good food, so that he can grow up to be a strong man like Krrish and apart from watching movies it is important to study and be intelligent.” Ahaan also invited Hrithik for his birthday party; he will dress up as Krrish and will also have a birthday cake in the shape of Krrish. Now that’s what you call the Hrithik charm.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle’s good parenting

Recently Akki and a friend of the actor were on their way to pick up Akki’s son, Aarav from playschool. While the grown-ups were busy chatting away, Akki’s son was observing everything. At a signal crossing, a poor lady with a child came to the window and was begging for a bit of food. Aarav was so touched by this hungry lady and her little child that he immediately took out his tiffin box and offered it to the mother and child. He told her that they could have it and that he would go home and have his food.

Akshay too saw this and came with a usual witty line and remarked that while the father grabbed from others and ate, his son was giving away his own food. Of course he was just being his humorous self and trying to make light of a touching situation. But nonetheless, it was absolutely clear how well Akki and Twinkle’s son has been brought up. No starry tantrums from this star son yet.

Sushmita Sen emotional about breach of trust by her staff

Sushmita Sen has always given her entire household staff complete liberty and has trusted them unconditionally. The actress placed all her trust in her staff especially with her young daughter Renee, when she was away on her shoots. Hence the betrayal by her staff members has come as quite a shock to her. She was devastated to know that money was being siphoned and strange guests were being brought into her home during her absence. Hence the actress had no choice but to fire almost eight members of her close staff. Apart from being betrayed the fired staff members are now going around town spreading vicious rumours about the starlet displaying abnormal behaviour for firing them for no cause.

Sushmita says “It’s the classic case of people you trust turning against you. It happens to others all the time. But when it happened to me I wasn’t prepared for it. I was being cheated and lied to. My home was no longer safe for me and my child. If I acted immediately to save my world, does that make me strange?”

Govinda and wife want another child

Actor Govinda recently made a comeback with his funfilled comedy film Bhagam Bhag. The actor who had ventured into politics was not very happy with his political career and could not concentrate on his film career as well. Life was looking down on him with several financial woes and even when his family met with a road accident. But now the actor is thankful for a second innings. He is happy that he has made a comeback in the film industry once more. He will be seen in Bhagam Bhag and will also be seen next year in Nikhil Advani’s film Salaam-E-Ishq.

However his wife Sunita claims she is happy that her hubby will be seen once again in movies, she is in fact waiting for the link ups to begin. She claims that she is extremely secure in her marriage and does not mind these minor things. Govinda also claims that along with this new beginning their New Year plan is to make another baby! Well well looks like the actor is all for new beginnings indeed! In fact the actor has also hinted that he may quit politics to concentrate on his film career.

Abhishek Bachchan’s Rang Barse bhang number in Guru

After Amitabh Bachchan made the Rang Barse song famous, now audiences will get to see junior Bachchan Abhishek in a bhang type of song for his film Guru. Abhishek recently did an entire antara of the bhang song in one take along with his co-star Aishwarya Rai. According to sources on the film sets, everyone was immediately reminded of Amitabh in the Rang Barse song when they saw Abhishek performing to the bhang song. His style and mannerisms are bound to make audiences think of Amitabh and this may also end up being a defining scene for the chota Bachchan.

The song was performed in Badami in Karnataka and the scene was shot atop a hill. There was a lot of climbing to be done to reach the sets, but none of the cast members let their energy levels be affected. All the characters in Guru have different looks throughout the film as it spans a huge time period in the life of the protagonists. The styling of the characters has been done by designer Nikhaar Dhawan. Abhishek’s character has been influenced by researching on a number of industrialists but he has different looks when he is in a village and the city.

Shahrukh now wants to have his own Red Chillies Studios

After acting and producing films, SRK now wants to have his own studios. Shahrukh is in fact looking for a huge space to build his studios where he will venture into post-production work in films. Shahrukh also wants to have shooting floors to lease out to various filmmakers. SRK currently already has a small SFX studio and has done the special effects for his film Don. Now he wants start his Red Chilies Studio.

Shahrukh wants at least a 15000 square feet studio. He wants a studio in the hub of the entertainment industry. He also wishes to have three shooting floors, besides editing, dubbing and mixing rooms along with a preview theater. So now will the SRK studios give the Yash Raj Studios competition?