West looks Hrithik as Jesus Christ!

Ever since Rakesh Roshan’s ‘Kites’ showcased at Cannes film festival, the Hollywood couldn't stop talking about Hrithik Roshan’s resemblance to Jesus Christ. They think Hrithik will be the right choice for any Christ based film. His look created the same impact which actor James Caviezel created four years back with the release of Mel Gibson's film, The Passion Of The Christ. Then actor James Caviezel impressed one and all with his Jesus look.

The Western distributor also heard talking about his dynamic physique, power in eyes and tan complexion. An internationally renowned casting agency is eyeing Hrithik. However, Rakesh Roshan denied hearing comments about Hrithik’s resemblance to Christ but confirmed that the trailer of ‘Kites’ has been appreciated. He said, “A lot of people did mention that Hrithik’s looks are suited for the western market. But I didn’t catch the comment on his to Christ. It was not possible for me to keep track of everything said and heard.”

With the unveiling of ‘Kites’ on foreign platform, Hrithik was exposed internationally and his demand increases like never before.