Hrithik poses with his two sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan

Getting a glimpse of Bollywood’s star kids is surely a treat to the eyes of fans. The ‘Bang Bang’ actor Hrithik Roshan shared an adorable picture of two sons. He tweeted – “My inspiration and I. All dressed up for the#iaaawards last nite. Fun n fearless. #HRX”. Accompanied by the tweet was an image showing Hrithik with sons Hridhaan and Hrehaan – all three wearing identical suits! The three Roshans look dapper in matching purple suits as they pose smartly for the camera.

The special occasion for which Hrithik got dressed up was the International Advertising Association (IAA) Awards event. Hrithik was awarded Brand Visionary of the Year Male for his brand HRX. He shared this happy moment with Twitteratis – “Proud 2 rec d award frm @jayantsinha RT @hrxbrand: Brand Visionary Of The Year Male At #IAAAwards For #HRX” With this tweet, he posted a grand photo of himself and his son receiving the award.

HRX is Hrithik’s casual wear brand that he launched in November 2013. Afsar Abbas Zaidi manages Hrithik’s brand endorsements. He had been working on the project since three years in collaboration with The Wild East Group who is a brand extension and business development agency. Afsar reported, “The brand is about fitness and fashion, the two key strengths of Hrithik Roshan. We are targeting not only his fans to buy the products, but also those looking for affordable quality active casual wear. We will also evaluate the option of setting up exclusive retail outlets if it is commercially viable.” While Hrithik justified the stylish name of his brand, “It is a play on the word ‘hero’. The x is for extreme.”

Famous for his Greek god body, Hrithik is literally obsessed with fitness and style! He released the video ‘Defeat Defeat’ when he launched the brand. Revealing secrets to his success, he talked to the media, “Everyone, including me, has experienced defeat in life. But success comes to those who rise and go another step beyond that defeat to experience the space after it. All you have to do is keep moving forward, even when it's too difficult, even when life beats you down and nothing makes sense. That’s the only way towards victory. So defeat isn’t a real thing, it’s just an illusion! This short film is an attempt to spread this message and encourage people not to give up! I am happy that we were able to translate this adventurous spirit into great style and fashion.”