Hrithik off to the US for check-up tonight, where is Suzanne?

Hithik Roshan is leaving for the US for health check-up today, November 30. After the brain surgery, Hrithik often gets headaches and to get completely rid off his headaches, he is off to the US for treatment. Neither the actor’s parents nor wife Suzanne will not accompany him, in fact a close friend of the actor will accompany Hrithik. What sounds strange is that Hrithik is unwell but Suzanne is nowhere seen around him.

Before Suzanne and Hrithik were inseparable souls. Whether in happiness or sorrow, Suzanne was spotted with her husband in every situation. Earlier this year, when Hrithik underwent surgery in Mumbai, Suzanne was all along with him in hospital and she was the one who updated and informed media about Hrithik’s health. But things seem to be no longer the same today.

Confirming Hrithik flying to the US, father and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan said, "Hrithik is leaving on Saturday. He will be going with a friend."

When asked if any of the family members will accompany him, Rakesh Roshan said, "We'll join him if there is a need for us to do so."

Meanwhile, Hrithik's next project 'Shuddhi' and ‘Bang Bang’ has been postponed to July 2014.

A source close to the project says, "'Shuddhi' is a story of reincarnation. Films about rebirth are always tricky to pull off. The script of 'Shuddhi' needs more work. Hrithik's health is not the issue here. The script needs to be polished."

Grapevine also buzzed that Suzanne and Hrithik are set to live separately. Hrithik is looking out for a new house. He and Suzanne are not keen to live together. Suzanne will live with the Roshans and Hrithik will move out of his house.

It is also heard that the parents of the respective married couple tried their level best to mend the differences between them but they failed in their endeavor. In no way, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne are ready to patch-up.

Trouble in their paradise first came into public glare at Rakesh Roshan’s birthday bash. She came late and left the party early. She also avoided clicking with Roshan family and was missing from the family portrait. It is not yet known what went wrong between Suzanne and Hrithik but Suzanne detached herself from Hrithik.

It was earlier reported that Suzanne has moved to her parents, Zarine and Sanjay’s residence which is at a stone throwing distance from Roshan’s family. She left her husband Hrithik’s house with her two children.

A source then said, “Yes, Sussanne is living at her parents’ place since the past week. But there is no problem between her and Hrithik. Her father is really unwell and she is staying there to spend time with him. The Khans do not want unnecessary attention over his illness and have asked their close friends to respect their privacy.”

Hope, Hrithik and Suzanne patch-up!