Hrithik is completely with me, Suzanne on cheating case

Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan was booked by Goa police in 1.87 crore cheating case. The case slapped on her by Emgee Enterprises accusing her of falsely projecting herself as an architect to secure a contract with a company and also accused her of failing to complete the assignment on time. They also rated her work very poor.

However, Suzanne Khan has an altogether different story to tell. Suzanne Khan is unfazed with such false and cheap allegation against her and she is ready to take legal action against the company for defaming her. In this tough time, she is keeping her mind calm and totally focused on her work. Khan says that the complainant’s action is “false, motivated and preposterous.”

In this tough period, her family stood by her side and she said that she is blessed to have a huge supporting family, “I am blessed I have a huge family, I have strong support, I don’t have any fear. I am blessed with calmness, when you are calm you can think clearly,” she says.

She said her ex-husband Hrithik totally supports her, “Hrithik (Roshan) is totally with me and he supports me completely.”

Suzanne says she is calm. “I was in London for four days for the Coldplay concert. The kids are with Hrithik (actor Hrithik Roshan, ex-husband) in Mumbai. When on Sunday, I heard all this, I thought ‘Oh my god so many people in the world…actually the concert helped me understand better that I don’t need to get affected by crap, they are not doing well themselves, they pull you down. But you learn from this and move ahead.”

Suzanne is not bothered about such false allegations, “Everything is out there... It’s just a waste of time. When you are in a company which is delivering great work, there are lot of people around you who try belittle you, malign you and pull you down. I am a working woman who is a single mother, and I will not be affected by crap,” she says.

Explaining her side of story, she says, “Our contract states that we were hiring talent or an architect to work on the project which I was heading as a creative director. All that, the contract clearly states.. there was not even one percent doubt that we were hiring, there was no misconception in his mind. I never ever said that I was the architect… We were there as a company, a design company.”

Here’s why the company is targeting her, according to Khan, “He is trying to attack me just because I have already put a case against him, in 2015. This is a counter attack. He tried to malign my company by making it look like we didn’t deliver whatever was to be delivered in the right time. So we filed a case for the dues, because the design of everything (the architecture, the interior planning, etc) was supplied to him. He was supposed to give us a certain amount. According to the contract which was agreed upon by both the parties, whether or not the execution happens, that part was supposed to be given to us. He didn’t do that . And he tried to get out of the contract by calling my company unprofessional. That really got me upset and that’s the reason I put a case on him!”

By standing strong in this tough time and fighting back, Suzanne wants to set an example for all single working mothers. “All that accumulated very strongly in mind, I decided to stand up for myself. I am a very strong woman and I will not allow anyone to wrong me. Our case on him was a reaction. This little tactic of his to scare me won’t work because the truth is out there I have done nothing wrong. I have done everything abiding by professional ethics. My lawyers are already working on it, and I will file cases on against him, he is trying to defame and malign me.”

However, she says, she isn’t angry or scared. “I am not scared. Why should I be scared! This is a part and parcel of when you are a famous person and when your company is working doing well. I now understand that people can be malicious. You have to stand up and fight back. But you can’t be angry, because the minute you get angry you can’t think very clearly. I think very clearly, when I know what the right way is - the best way forward for me is to be blatantly correct. I will not bogged down, I will take him to court for trying to defaming me. He can’t bully me, or any other working woman, because this will be set as an example for every single working woman, who understands what it means to work hard, and if someone tries to put them down they will fight for themselves.”