Hrithik helps sister to recover fast

Hrithik RoshanApart from a good actor, a loving husband and a kind person, Hrithik Roshan is a dedicated brother too. Recently, his sister Sunaina had recovered from cervical cancer and Hrithik like a strong pillar stood by her side to give her mental support. In spite of this hectic schedule, he finds time for his sister to console her and raised confidence on her. He assured her of speedy recovery.  

Hrithik with his mom consulted with various cancer specialists and got her treated with chemotherapy from an expert specialist. Sunaina had undergone with six sessions of the therapy and finally succeeded in getting rid off the dreadful disease. “Being a younger brother, the way Duggu had taken up his responsibility is commendable, I would not have recovered from this terrible disease if I had not get the support of my family” said Sunaina.

Sunaina is the co-producer of Krazzy 4. She had resumed her work soon after being recovered from the bug and working hard to compensate the break of three months. Father Rakesh Roshan presently is in Los Angeles to sign a Hollywood actor for his next venture. In his absence, Sunaina is taking the full responsibility of the production house and reports him about the daily happenings.