Hrithik excited to bag Shekhar Kapoor's 'Paani'

Shekhar Kapoor had many a times made it public about his most ambitious project that has now been titled “Paani”.

Hrithik Roshan has been selected to play the lead role in this film. He seems to be very excited about this new development as he was seen willingly discussing about this project with others who were present at Marrakech Film Festival that has been rolling at Morocco.

According to an insider, “Hrithik is excited to get the project. Ranbir was also in the buzz as being considered for the role. Guess his packed diary didn’t permit him free dates to say yes to Shekhar.”

This film seems to have a lot of potential as Yash Raj Films have joined forces with Shekhar Kapoor to fund this film. The film will be made with a budget of $30 million.

The director has tremendous talent and credibility as he proved it in yesteryear films like “Mr. India”, “Bandit Queen”, and “Masoom”. He has labeled this film as a mission. He tweeted recently saying, “'Paani' is a film, but much more. 'Paani' is a passion, but much more. 'Paani' is a mission.”

The film has quite an innovative and original plot. The storyline zooms into the future revolving around times when there will be wars over water. In the movie, it will be depicted that water is possessed by International Corporations, who then will use thirstiness as a weapon of authority over human population. The film will also project a budding love story that will disrupt all the rules and subsequently the war which will later result in the water flowing back to its general public.

This project had been in the limelight long back, (read: twelve years back), but sadly had no takers who would willingly fund it, with Yash Raj Films agreeing to produce the film, the project finally saw the light of day. An insider revealed “Now that Shekhar (Kapur) has finally found a producer in Aditya Chopra, looks like things are falling into place. Earlier, the director was often rebuked as to who would want to see a project like Paani!”

“Paani” is claimed to be going on floors next year during 2013. The film will be shot abroad and in India. A. R Rahman has been welcomed on board to compose the music of this film.

The film first had been announced with Vivek Oberoi who would play the lead, however with changing times and with Vivek’s popularity going downhill, Hrithik Roshan is a good choice.