Hrithik and Celina reject Pink Panther film while Ash agrees

Most bollywood stars would jump at the chance to star in a Hollywood big budget film despite their role being minuscule in the film. Many have succumbed to the glamorous Hollywood appeal. However there are a few bollywood stars who have now chosen to be picky and choosy. Hrithik Roshan who has earned a prominent name in Hindi films has now become extremely picky and choosy. The actor recently refused a role in the mega budget Hollywood film Pink Panther as he was not too happy with his role.
Hrithik Roshan, the Indian superhero was offered the role of detective Clouseau’s assistant Vincent in the film Pink Panther. The detective’s role will be essayed by top notch Hollywood actor Steve Martin and Hrithik was offered a role as his co-star. Hritihik was excited about the film at first as he is also a huge fan of Steve Martin, but after he found that his role was not very substantial, he politely declined the film despite it being a mega budget Hollywood film. Although this film could have marked Hrithik’s entry into Hollywood, he was not about to settle for an inconsequential role. The role will now be essayed by Andy Garcia. Hrithik’s dad Rakesh Roshan confirms that he turned down the role saying "Yes, Hrithik was offered Andy Garcia's role, but it didn't excite him much."

Ironically Hrithik’s co-star of two films Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar , Aishwarya Rai has also been approached for a role in Pink Panther and she has agreed to do the film. But according to rumours actress Celina Jaitley had earlier been approached for the same role but she had refused and hence they approached Ash. She has done several Hollywood films but according to sources Ash had mainly agreed to do the film as she believed that Hrithik too would be apart of the film. But later when she found out that he would not be a part, she was extremely disappointed. So will Ash have a substantial role? what was the reason for Celina turning down the role? These are questions that will perhaps be answered after the film has been done. According to sources Ash will play one of the detectives along with several other Hollywood faces. Ash has done many international films in the past and she has always played a prominent role in all of them, hopefully this film will also do our bollywood beauty justice.