How new mother Ash, Shilpa, Lara enjoying motherhood

The three Bollywood divas, Aishwarya, Lara and Shilpa are all busy looking after their little wonders. They stepped into motherhood in close successions with Aishwarya giving birth to Aaradhya in November last year, Lara delivered baby Saira in January this year and Shilpa gave birth to baby Viann in March. Let’s have a look at what these yummy mummys have been upto.

 Lara and Saira:

She says that her child is her reflection and shows who she really is. Her unconditional love is something to learn from. It also makes her vulnerable at times. She says her little daughter is a bundle of joy and she feels rather lonely if she is not around.

 Lara said that she loves being ‘used and abused’ by her daughter in a recent interview when she came to launch her DVD ‘Parental Yoga with Lara Dutta’.

Lara had a C-section delivery but quickly recovered in three months. She has also signed a film which will have her in a rather easy role. She says her decisions regarding films will largely depend upon her daughter Saira. She needs to be there to take care of and hence Lara cannot manage full time shootings and off- beat locations. She will have to make a careful choice.

Her next production venture will be ready by the second half of this year.
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Shilpa and Viann:

She gave birth to a baby boy on 21st March 2012. Shilpa reported that she was very happy but would’ve been happier had it been a girl. She expressed her fondness for baby girls but added immediately that Viann had brought her immense joy too.

She said that Viann teaches her many things. When she is all tired and weary, just one look at Viann can do wonders and Shilpa jumps back to work. She says the feeling is amazing and makes her realize the true meaning of being a mother.

When asked about Viann’s features, she said he is a perfect blend of Shilpa and husband Raj Kundra. She shared some anecdotes of her pregnancy when her relatives had predicted she would be having a son by looking at her walk and pregnant belly but her family ‘Guruji’ insisted her to welcome the new born irrespective of its gender.

When asked about Viann’s trip to London, Shilpa said that the family would be spending their first Christmas with Viann in their London home this winter.

Shilpa is not concerned about her figure, instead she believes in enjoying her motherhood first and then worry about other not so important things. As far as her comeback is concerned, she said that her hands are full now looking after Viann but she will resume acting as soon as Viann gets a little older.
Shilpa and Raj

Aishwarya and Aaradhya:

She had been in the news for not being able to shed her extra pounds, but it seems Aishwarya does not care. She wants to enjoy with her baby as much as she can before plunging into her hectic working schedules.

At the Cannes she was blushing and beaming whenever she was being asked about Aaradhya. She told the media that one look at her daughter’s face was all she needed to be happy. She is not unhappy with her secluded life post delivery; instead she thinks its wonderful being a mother and taking care of your child yourself.

 Her husband, Abhishek Bacchan says that Aishwarya never leaves their little one alone and is a doting mother. Whether she would be making a comeback into films or not is solely her decision, he added.
Aishwarya and Aaradhya