Housing society refutes Emraan’s allegation

Nibbana Cooperative Housing Society on Pali Hill and actor Emraan Hashmi’s fight took a new turn. The housing committee refuted Emraan’s wrong communal allegation and at the same time denied disrespecting his parents by not letting them to enter at the society meeting. To them, the seller and three others turned up to the meeting when the meeting was on without prior appointment and before they could come to any conclusion on the issue of NOC, they demanded to know the status of No Objection Certificate.

The committee demanded a written application. MD Suvarna from whom Hashmi wanted to purchase the flat clarified that he has not given any application to the society. However, Hashmi’s broker Jagjit Arora alleged that Suvarna asked him to inform Emraan that the society refused to give him a NOC.

Moreover, MD Suvarna turned the matter saying that he has now changed his mind on selling his flat as his son might anytime fly from Canada to Mumbai and he has asked him not to sell the flat. He further said that he has informed his plan change to Hashmi.

After Emraan failed to get the NOC from the society, he claimed that he denied flat because he is a Muslim by religion. He filed a complaint with the State Minorities Commission against the Nibbana society alleging that they refused to issue No Objection Certificate in spite of paying Rs.1 lakh.