Hot: When Ashmit Patel washed Veena Malik’s lingerie

Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik made a shocking revelation recently when she said that during her stay at Bigg Boss house, her ex-boyfriend Ashmit Patel had washed her under garments. Almost three years ago, when Ashmit and Veena participated on the reality show, Bigg Boss they raised the TRP of the show with their public display of affection. After  stepping out of the house, the duo broke-up but they again bonded for a new film together, titled, ‘Supermodel’.

The sexy babe raised many eyebrows when she revealed that during her stay in the house, she used to wash Ashmit’s underwear and he used to wash her’s. “He used to wash my lingerie too and would even take my outbursts calmly. Sometimes, I would even hit him with my high-heels. Episodes aired only showed me washing his undies, but that wasn`t the case as the affection was mutual,” revealed Veena.

‘Supermodel’ is in news for ex-couple, Ashmit and Veena’s intimate scene. When Veena was asked how much comfortable she was to come close to Ashmit after the separation, she replied, “No, the chemistry was much stronger. When you have that connect with the past, and now you guys don`t talk to each other, the pent up emotions find a way out. Once that connect is there, it is always there. You cannot just erase it. It was obviously there. It wasn`t shown on Bigg Boss, but Ashmit too loved me a lot.”

Malik in an interview revealed how she used to keep distance from Ashmit during the film shoot. ''During the film, I was not even looking at him (Ashmit Patel). We were not talking to each other,'' said the sexy actress.

Veena and Ashmit locked lips in the film,  "When I narrated the lip-lock scene to Veena, she refused to do it. I had to convince her a lot for that scene. There are around three to four lip-lock scenes between Veena and Ashmit in the film," the film's director Navin Batra told IANS.

"Both the actors were not on talking terms when they shot for the intimate scene, but they shot for the scene. But after a point they were not comfortable, so I had to cut a few scenes," he added.

Speaking about the casting couch, the director said, "Veena suited the role and they are the most controversial and best selling couple. Yes, it was difficult to convince both of them, but despite not being on talking terms, they accepted the role and took it professionally."

Well, after listening to Veena out heart goes out to Ashmit on thinking after washing Veena’s lingerie and doing all odd stuffs for her, he had to get bash from Veena with her high-heels.