Hot: Saif caught zipping up Kareena’s dress

‘Wardrobe malfunctioning’ is the accidental and unintentional exposure of one’s private body part. It has also been described as a temporary failure of a piece of clothing to do its work of covering a body part effectively. It is definitely an indecent event but at the same time it is a faux pas.

It was introduced by singers Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson to explain the incident at the Super Bowl XXXVIII half time show controversy where Timberlake ripped Jackson’s dress exposing her right breast.   It is now   well-known in the fashion industry. Unlike indecent exposure or flashing which is intentional, wardrobe malfunctioning is accidental. It could be due to a number of reasons like a zip not working or a seam suddenly snapping!

In the modern world of fashion conscious people wardrobe malfunctioning poses an embarrassing situation where the person concerned has nothing much to do except get red and feel humiliated.

In recent years Bollywood has witnessed a number of wardrobe malfunctions like Alia Bhatt going panty less and attracting the eyeballs of all. In fact wardrobe malfunctioning can be any celebrity’s worst nightmare and an experience one would like to forget. Ironically it haunts throughout one’s life.

Most of the reigning Bollywood glam girls have suffered from this incident. The most gorgeous Aishwarya Rai  Bacchan had this horrific experience during   ‘Ravaan’s ‘music launch when her  blouse failed to contain her heavy breasts . Another incident of wardrobe malfunctioning occurred when Katrina Kaif was shooting for ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ in a skirt so short that it exposed her underwear when she was trying to ride a bicycle. 

Incidentally much of this awkward situation can be avoided if the persons involved are particularly concerned about each other. This could be one of the main reasons that Kareena Kapoor has avoided this situation due to Saif Ali being alert about his beau.

The recent photoshoot of the newly married star couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, better known as “Saifeena” for Harper’s Bazaar where Saif is seen zipping up Kareena’s dress, is reminiscent of an incident when Kareena was on the verge of being a victim of wardrobe malfunction. Saif and Kareena, not married at that time were walking down the red carpet for attending a Film fare award ceremony. Minutes later Saif was found to be tying the knot of Kareena’s blouse, a gesture of love and affection which will keep them together in the years to come.