Hot: Ranbir Kapoor caught locking lips with a socialite

We can’t challenge the truth of this news but the report is too hot to handle and we can’t resist us from sharing the news with all you guys. Ranbir Kapoor the present heartthrob of Bollywood is taking all advantage of his present status. Girls fall head over heal over him and gets attracted towards him. Least does he makes any effort to impress them. He is well known for his Casanova nature and the recent incident put stamp on it. He has been caught smooching a girl in the wee hours of the morning at a five star hotel in the capital. Ranbir was in Delhi for an ad shoot.

When we went deep into the matter, we got some information about the mystery girl. She is a 29 year old beautiful lass who is very popular in social circuit. She is a Mumbai based socialite. Her father is a highly influential and well–known businessman. Neither she nor her family belongs to film industry. Everything went at the spur of the moment. The circumstance at the five star lobby was such that Ranbir lost control over himself and went ahead to enjoy the moment with the girl. The timing was perfect, lights turned off, gentle breeze outside and there was a pin drop silence in the hotel.

Girls woo Ranbir. He is the latest heartthrob of Bollywood and girls are crazy to get a piece of the Kapoor lad.

Well, this report might have irked Katrina who is dating Ranbir currently. This news will definitely put a question mark on Ranbir and Katrina’s blooming love affair.