Honey Singh's New Year show cancelled

Honey Singh is known for his peppy and trendy Punjabi numbers. His songs are tremendously popular among the youth. Most recently his songs like “Angrezi Beat” and “Main Sharabi” also featured in the film “Cocktail” that starred Deepika Padukone, Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan. Recently he collaborated for a song with Jazzy B that has set a record.

This number has received more than one million views on YouTube within 80 hours. The song has been titled “This Party Gettin Hot” and was unleashed online on the 28th of Dec. the video has classified amongst the world’s top 10 videos that were shared on networking platforms.

The song has become a party mantra especially in this festive season. A spokesperson of this famous singer said, "`This Party Gettin Hot`, a special party anthem, is the latest fad on YouTube. It is ranked among the world`s Top-10 most shared videos on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter within a few hours of launch". It seems Honey Singh is on a roll.

The director of Speed Records, Dinesh Aulakh said, “On Dec 28, the day when the video was released, it created waves and there was massive hype already created on online communities.”

He also claimed saying, “The video has been so far viewed in more than 150 countries. It is now being ranked as the No.1 most watched video in India on YouTube. It is among the Top-5 most watched videos in UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand over the last few days."

Jazzy B who has also had his share of fame with songs like, “Dil Lutiya” and “Surma” responded to this incredible reaction from the listeners stating “We felt online launch was the most aggressive promotion as compared to conventional music releases. Teaser and promo release further helped in building up the hype, but we never expected the response would be tremendous”.

He also added saying “The combined viewership of teaser, promo and the music video on YouTube had crossed the figure of two million till Monday.”

The song also gained popularity after Honey Singh’s concert in Gurgaon got cancelled due to an FIR that got lodged against him for using foul language against women in most of his songs. However, the complainant-a NGO- has accused him of “sexual violence against women and portraying them as mere lust objects in his songs.”