Birthday Bash: Girls shaking booty in Honey Singh’s new video

Disrespecting women while rejoicing himself is Honey Singh’s hobby. The rapper finds utmost delight in the senseless merriment he indulges in while singing or rather blabbering equally senseless lyrics. He has once again proven his unmatched talent in this foolishness with his latest video. With this new music video, Yo Yo Honey Singh shows how he just can’t stop feasting his eyes on scarcely dress girls. Neither can he control his limitless urge to chatter away the witless lyrics that he proudly calls his rap songs. Meant just for the brilliant audience like the rapper himself, the video has hit Youtube.

The latest 3 minute mockery is called ‘Birthday Bash’ and makes one wonder who on earth would want such a nonsensical bash for their birthday. Well, one who would definitely want is no doubt Honey Singh. The song is full of dumb lyrics that hardly constitute a proper song when heard from the rapper’s mouth. Honey’s partner in this crazy show is none other than the lyricist Alfaz. The lyrics make sure that Alfaz would be nominated and would even secure a great position, beating the greatest of lyricists like Javed Akhtar. But sadly, he would be honored with the award titled The Most Idiotic Lyrics of the millennium.

The song starts with a line which show that Honey Singh is still in the dilemma, whether he is crazy about girls or crazy about insulting them. It opens with ‘Maine suna hai tu 20-plus ho gai, Chadti jawaani teri bebas ho gai’.  The lines that follow show the unbeatable talent that Honey Singh and Alfaz possess. It once again proves that the crackpot duo has superior talents when it comes to creating brainless comments on ladies, “O baby, O baby! Ek baat to bata, tere baare mein suni hai ek afwaah. Happy birthday saal mein tu chaar baar manati hai, apna ek na kharche, kharcha laundon ka karwati hai…itna kharcha karke bhi tu nakhre dikhaati hai, Mood tu banaati hai fir thoda lalchaati hai. Raat hote hi tu jake apne ghar so jati hai.” The audio and visual folly then continues in the rest of the song.

To enjoy himself even more in the video, the rapper is surrounded by swarms of girls dressed in short and tight clothes. Some insane gymnastic performance by the scarcely dressed girls give a zoo like touch to the song- making the ambience perfect for the animals that the video features.