Holidaying Preity Zinta had 'no clue' about Salman Khan tapes

<a href='//' title='Preity Zinta' class='article_display_tag' data-id='preity-zinta' id='article_tag_data_preity-zinta' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Preity Zinta</strong></a>Preity Zinta is back in Mumbai after holidaying in Italy, and she says she has just come to know about the Salman Khan tapes.
Preity says she lost her phone while on holiday, and "forget any member of the press, I haven't been able to connect (even) with my family... I have no clue about what is happening here".
She says her brother has since briefed her about Salman's taped conversations in which she figures but she doesn't want to say anything more now.
Preity was allegedly referred to in the most unsavoury language in the tapes, which also refer to Salman's connections with the underworld.

"I really don't know about what's happening down here. But my brother has scared me. He said 'we need to sit down and talk about the situation'. I really can't say anything about the situation until I'm totally apprised of it...

"But I will say one thing. Every time I'm out of Mumbai some big trouble or the other happens. I guess I need to be in Mumbai for longer periods." Preity says she'll speak about the subject very shortly.

She says because of her phone getting lost, she wasn't connected with anyone. "I lost my phone and was completely out of touch with everyone back home. I've no clue about what's happening here.

"All I know is I landed here in Mumbai and I came to know that I had became an aunt... Yes, my brother Inder has become a father and I'm very, very excited!

"Not even my mom could call me. I lost all my numbers. But in a way I'm glad. Considering what awaited me back home," she added with a mischievous chuckle.

Will the tapes affect her presence in a film that also stars the actor?

Rumours have been abounding that the leading lady had backed out after the Salman tapes. The first spell of shooting for Shirish Kunder's directorial debut was cancelled... and then the set was finally dismantled.

The film's other leading man Akshay Kumar shot solo shots and then moved on to Raj Kanwar's new film with Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif. Akshay will be shooting for Kanwar's film in Canada now. He then moves to the US for Kunder's Jaan-e-Man.

So will Preity join the Jaan-e-Man team in New York when shooting resumes or will the crew have to look for another leading lady?

Says a very close friend of Preity: "Either way no one can blame her. If she decides not to do the film it would be perfectly understandable after what Khan is heard saying on the tapes.

"On the other hand if she decides to stay on it would just demonstrate her high level of professionalism. One thing is for sure. It isn't easy to catch Preity cheating on matters of principle and professionalism."

Courtesy: IANS